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Speeches and Addresses of Prof. G. Harutyunyan, President of the Board of Trustees

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1 Constitutional monitoring as a guarantee for overcoming the deficit of constitutionalism /Conceptual approaches/. Report for the Yerevan International Conference.
  21 October, 2016
2 The full text of the speech of G. Harutyunyan, President of the Constitutional Court dedicated to 20th anniversary of establishment of the RA Constitutional Court.
  5 February, 2016
3 Separation of Powers and Independence of Constitutional Courts in Conditions of Societal Transformation. Communication at the 2nd Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice.Rio de Janeiro.
  16-18 January, 2011
4 Contemporary Imperatives in Ensuring the Individual Right to Constitutional Justice. Presentation at the 15th Yerevan International Conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan.
  21-23 October, 2010
5 On the 15th Anniversary of the RA Constitution. Speech at the Ceremonial Meeting dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the RA Constitution, Yerevan.
  3 July, 2010
6 Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and its Role in the Development of European Constitutionalism. Presentation on adoption of Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Yerevan.
  27 May, 2009
7 Characteristics of Constitutional Justice in the Countries of Young Democracy. Merida, Mexico.
  15-17 April, 2009
8 Constitutional Jurisdiction and Developing Society. Presentation at 1st International Congress of the Bodies of Judicial Constitutional Control, Cape Town.
  23-24 January, 2009
9 The Constitutional Culture of 21st Century and New Challenges of Systemic Development of Constitutional Justice. Report for the Conference in Seoul, South Korea.
  4 September, 2008
10 The Guarantees of Realization of Fundamental Constitutional Values on the Level of State Policy and in the Social Practice. Report for the XIII Yerevan International Conference, Yerevan.
  3 October, 2008
11 The Conceptual Approaches of Interpretation of Constitutional Provisions in Practice of the Constitutional Justice of the Republic of Armenia. Report at the International Colloquium dedicated to the issues of Constitutional Justice, Algiers.
  29-31 October, 2008
12 The Problems of Improving the System of Constitutional Oversight in the Field of Human Rights Protection in the Republic of Armenia. International Seminar Reports Collection. Yerevan.
  21-25 October, 1997